About Center for Creative Training (CCT)

Our mission

The mission of Center for Creative Training (CCT) is to enhance the overall learning environment in Bulgaria through personalised technological solutions for educational institutions, innovative teacher training programs and resources, youth programs and international projects.

 The CCT team studies the most innovative educational methods worldwide and implements them in Bulgaria. It provides support, as well as examples for a whole-school approach to innovation to teachers, principals, municipalities.

What we do

Experts from the CCT team are active in various educational and technological initiatives, some of which are: 

  • A whole-school plan for team development and innovation;
  • STEM education with the Intel Skills for Innovation program;
  • Google Certified Educator and Trainer – programs for professional development;
  • Space Camp Turkey;
  • Learning through play with LEGO® Education in both schools and kindergartens;
  • Quality learning through technology – Google Workspace for Education, Chromebooks, Samsung Flip Pro interactive displays with teacher trainings included

CCT is also the only official partner of Google for Education, LEGO® Education, Intel®, Space Camp Turkey in Bulgaria.

Notable CCT projects & accomplishments:

1:1 model in Bulgaria

The 1:1 model is used in over 210 classes in Bulgarian schools. 1: 1 (one-to-one) is a model for project-based learning, in which each student and teacher has their own electronic device and a personal profile connected to it.

1000+ kids to Space Camp Turkey

Sending over a 1000 Bulgarian children and young adults to take part in Space Camp Turkey and providing scholarships. Space Camp Turkey is one of only two NASA-based space training centers in the world.

STEM education

Partnership with over 170 schools for the implementation of the Intel® Skills for Innovation program and LEGO® Education sets for STEM education. Providing and translating ready-to-use lessons and other resources and adapting them to the Bulgarian educational system.

600+ schools in the cloud

Designed the program “School in the cloud”, aiming at integrating cloud based platforms for education in Bulgaria.

Google Certified Educators

Helped Bulgarian teachers to become regional leaders in implementing Google technologies in Bulgaria with 16 Google Reference schools and over 900+ Certified Educators and 28 Certified Trainers.


Teacher trainings

Training over 9000 educators in Bulgaria on digital skills and how to use digital technology in project-based learning.

Center for Creative Training is the author of 16 teacher training programs

The  training programs aimed at the meaningful integration of and holistic approach to technology in the classroom. Among the most popular training programs are “School  in the cloud”, “Design and implementation of ICT”, and “Instruments for attractive education”. All training programs are approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and have an ISO Certificate of Excellence.

CCT’s position

CCT’s position is that the purchase of new technology and teacher trainings are by themselves insufficient to bring about educational transformation. What is needed is a holistic approach combining the meaningful implementation of technology, innovative learning environment design, and strategic planning. Educational transformation has to have a clear objective, in sync with the demands of today, attuned to the future.